Landscape Maintenance Packages

Greening America offers a full service maintenance program. This consists of mowing, edging and fertilizing of the lawn and shrubs. We also prune all ground cover, brushes and trees. Also included is Fall leaf removal.

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Interlocking Pavers

There is nothing more attractive than a landscape with a brick or stone pathway or patio. Properly designed paving installations should "welcome the way." A design is most effective when coordinating with scale, function and circulation of the property.

Sprinkler Systems

This is a great addition to the value of your home. With an automatic timer and valves, you will now have the time to do the things you enjoy rather than watering the yard. Also by having an automated system, you will be utilizing the optimum pressure and setting a start time while everyone sleeps. You can also have a drip system for low water usage or for pots and hanging baskets.

Night Lighting

Once you have a beautiful landscape, it makes sense to show it off. We use spotlights to shine onto trees and focal points of the garden and house. Then footlighters are installed to light the pathways and special trails throughout the project. If you are installing a sprinkler system, a lighting package should most certainly be considered for the project. The time is right because all of the main line and most of the lateral lines will be dug up. The wire will be installed in the same trenches thus saving much of the labor costs and passing the savings to the customer.


Design & Build

A well defined site exhibits many design elements such as architectual symmetry, balance and careful selection of colors and textures. From free flowing design to a symmetrical layout, our professional designers can achieve your individual needs.We offer a from start to finish approach to each job. The first step is to have a consultation with the client to go over all desires, requirements special aspects of the job. We then take pictures of the site and make measurements for an accurate design layout. An appointment will be set up at the initial meeting to go over design. If accepted, an agreement will be signed and a schedule set for the project to start. The designer will familiarize the site supervisor with the plans in its entirety who will run the job from start to finish.

When the job is completed, we want you to know that you can call us any time to discuss the project or any other concerns and we will take care of the for you in a timely manner. Most importantly, we want to be with you on your next landscape project.


Water Systems

There is nothing more peaceful than the sound of water flowing. Whether it's a small bubbler or a water fall, you will find yourself congregating around it with family and friends. We have installed numerous waterfalls and ponds from a 3 ft. pond to a 30 ft. pond with a 60 ft. water way. No task is too small or too large.